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Founded in 2006, Australian Patent and Trademark Services Pty Ltd is a boutique Patent Attorney and Trademark Attorney firm representing many happy businesses for over 10 years.

We are a boutique firm and are independent (non-ASX listed).

Our Senior Associate is a Patent Attorney with 30 years experience.

We achieve IP outcomes and optimise your chances of longer term success, rather than lodging something quickly and cheaply, which will inevitably lead to legal issues in a few years time that you have to front the bill for.

There are many Agents advertising that they file trademarks who you would think were legally qualified but actually are not. Usually they are caught out and closed down after a few years.


Always check that your representatives are listed:

  1. Registered Patent Attorney and Trademark Attorney requirements: Accredited Patent & Trademark Attorney List.
  2. Superior experience qualification in the patent firm industry: We qualified for membership because of our experience: The Australian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys listing (IPTA).

Our Difference

Our Patent Attorneys understand exactly how complex intellectual property systems properly and experience to overcome objections, plus we are backed by experienced agents.

We have found through experiences with clients coming to us from other firms, that inexperienced representatives may be cheaper, but after 12-18 months of waiting, all the money you invest is wasted because of:

  1. Filing errors being made,
  2. Their inability to effectively write submissions or understand laws,
  3. Submissions actually unwittingly supporting the Trademark Office objection(s) rather than supporting your (the client's) position.

IP Australia does not:

  1. Advise to prevent peripheral issues prejudicing your entitlement.
  2. Review your business to check that content lodged is legally correct.
  3. Review your situation to check that applications are legally enforceable.
  4. Work out if your trademark application content is incorrect. Incorrect details can render the application useless.
  5. Assist you to stop copycats.
  6. Provide legal advice to ensure you don’t invalidate your rights.
  7. Assess what would happen to you and a similar trademark if the matter ended up in Court.


There are many Court cases in which Registered Trademarks are reversed by Court Order, or patents fail.

So having a Patent and Trademark should not make you feel safe, you don't know if it will work. An independent opinion from our Patent Attorneys can save you a lot of headaches.


The most recent example is a Trademark decision handed down by the Federal Court on February 2017 ordering IP Australia to “revoke (or reverse)” Registered Trademark rights for CLIPSO that they Registered and approved in CLIPSAL vs CLIPSO

CLIPSO was left with a hefty Court bill, compensation claim and even his Directorship (company) could not protect his personal assets.

Full details are here: Facebook News Page

To summarise, CLIPSAL sued CLISPO, and even though CLIPSO Registered a Trademark, they were still found to have infringe CLIPSAL’s trademark rights plus the Court ordered IP Australia to reverse (revoke) the Trademark Registration from their system.

Our goal is to minimise legal conflicts, stop repeated trademark lodgements and prevent brand loss.